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The Ultim8 Private Club offers exclusive shared experiences, personal networking opportunities for its Ultra-High-Net-Worth members with complete discretion.

“Our goal is to help our valued members successfully build trusted relationships with this niche community,” - Richard Van Mulken, President of the Ultim8 Private Club.

Live your life to its fullest, and share your journey with like-minded ultra-high-net-worth individuals and residents of the Principality of Monaco.

Members of the Ultim8 Private Club benefit from and take part in a wide variety of experiences, such as private events, UHNW networking, sailing and classic and supercar riding experiences. They also have the opportunity to take part in unique partner offers such as space training and stargazing events all around the world.

The Ultim8 Private Club membership also provides access to unique offers negotiated directly by our club. Our goal is to be able to extend the Ultim8 Private Club experience through partnerships consistent with our values.

We invite you to become a member of our community or to meet us at our public events. Join the Ultim8 Private Club today!

Monaco and Global reach (50%-50%)
x a year
Spring/Summer & Autumn/Winter editions

Upcoming public events

Monaco Residents' Meeting presented by Omère Longevity Solutions and Maison Noir

June 29, 2022

On the night of the 29th of June (Wednesday), Monaco’s leading printed English media, the Living in Monaco magazine will host an exceptional networking event for selected Monaco residents. The main sponsors of the event are Omère Longevity Solutions and Maison Noir.

FREE access for our members.

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AeroClub Heritage Day

September 15, 2022

An exceptional day with Monaco resident private jet and helicopter owners to celebrate one of the oldest club in the Principality of Monaco.

Join us for an exceptional afternoon where you can discover more about one of the oldest club in the Principality of Monaco, the AeroClub. The event will also offer a unique opportunity to meet and network with aviation lovers, pilots, private jet and helicopter owners.

FREE access for our members.

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Gala Bolivia 2022 with AMLA

September 17, 2022

The Association Monègasque pour L’Amèrique Latin (AMLA) invites you to Experience Mystical Bolivia on the 17th of September at the Yacht Club de Monaco.

AMLA's gala for this year will symbolically the carry the slogan: Experience Mystical Bolivia. By bringing together a unique and a diverse environment of individuals we aim to establish an intimate socio-cultural exchange between the Principality of Monaco and Bolivia, enrich our guests’ knowledge and awareness, and lastly to give back to our communities with our raised finances.

FREE access for our members.

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ELEVATE . Space Diplomacy & Innovation Gala

October 29, 2022

Astronauts, cosmonauts, space industry experts, diplomats, and dignities talk about Space, Peace, Space Transportation and Innovation.

Join us for an exceptional night, where Astronauts and Cosmonauts share their perspectives of Earth as seen from the ISS; where international dignities and diplomats share their views about Peace, seeing Earth as a truly borderless planet, where we are one nation of human beings; where Astronauts talk about Living in Space; where we discuss the future of Space travel and Space tourism; where Space technology leaders share a moment of Space technology and Innovation; and where we introduce Astronauts and Private space travellers who promote space through art.

FREE access for our members.

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Submarine day

November 18, 2022

Submarine test day for Superyacht owners.

An exceptional FULL day of submarine dive around the Bahamas for our selected members.

Unlike in the old times, there are several mini-submarines available that can be easily stored in the garage without taking too much space. A submarine allows you to explore under the sea in absolute comfort and with a company of family and friends.

FREE access for our members. Limited to 16 people.

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